Hunter’s Old School Set – Bidenz Broz

They did pretty well for themselves when he was a Senator. Now they have the White House…Opportunity isn’t knocking, it’s kicking their door in. Concerns will be getting the bonanza sheltered and keeping it invisible.

It’s easy to imagine the smartest crook Joe knows has a plan for everything, based on his experience and strategies he carefully devised while in rehab. There is no way they allow this windfall to pass by untasted.

Here Dem Bone Thug Lyin’ Cheatin’ Scammin’ Crack-Ass Junkie Bidenzes Is:


  1. “Hey big guy….get the FBI to lose my laptop, we’ll double down on our Ukraine salary for next year, tell the Chi-coms we need twice what their giving us to keep the ” climate change” hoax going, and can you fix me up with Kammy? That giggling bitch looks like she could suck the chrome off a ball hitch!”.

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