1. For an outfit that’s had this many years to get their act together…. they suck! Funny that you never see a photo of one of these soldier wannabes engaged in a firefight. Always just standing around, usually crying about their lot in life, holding a 75 year old AK 47, panning for the cameras. These crybabies wouldn’t make a pimple on a real soldiers ass. Hide behind children…. Wimp!

    1. It’s the inbreeding Twiz, they don’t progress, they regress in their mental acuity. Give them another 2-3 generations and they will not understand why their pet goats don’t have any kids that look like them, and will not understand when their slingshots are not doing more damage to the concrete bunkers the Israelis build for homes, if the IDF gives them that long to live.

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