How Have We Survived The Misinformation All These Years?

Maybe people understood the point of political cartoons was to persuade, (like every sales pitch tries to do) and they were shrewd enough to discern for themselves whether they agreed, disagreed or even gave a shit one way or the other. Today the mere exposure to anything contrary to the currently accepted standards of Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Etc must be blocked as possibly injurious in some way to the fragile anxieties of somebody somewhere.

We don’t care if we hurt anyone’s feelings, with the exception of the subjects we see as worthy of ridicule. Your Tribal Responses Of Outrage are not necessary or appropriate in regards to another Member, as we are only pointing and laughing at them, not every single one of you. Absorb this truth – – we do not hate entire races of people, period – – just because we pick on your distant cousin you’ll never know. We hate cheats and liars, like Boss Tweed below – and Joe Biden. That’s our deal.


  1. Some of these look like they’re from a hardcover book I have titled “Cartoon Cavalcade”
    The material is amazing. +100 sir.

  2. William “Boss” Tweed HATED the political cartoonists such as Thomas Nast, as I recall, because they could get through to constituents who couldn’t read.

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