Power Restored – Back Online – Cortez May Kiss My Frostbitten Iceticles

Worthless imbecilic ho-bag. Represent the people in NYC who elected you and BTFO of everywhere else. Or:

ALL she’s good for. And NO audio, please. Just the pics. That cartoon voice kills the visual dead.


  1. Just be glad you don’t live in New York City. Of course the odds of getting stuck in an elevator with AOC are probably in the same range as winning the powerball jackpot but there is a chance. I once envisioned Hell as being stuck in an elevator with Barbara Striesand, Hanoi Jane, Madonna, Bette Midler, and Hillary. And they wonder why I drink!

  2. You’d have thought that the 13 million head of cattle in Texas and all their farts would’ve managed to keep Texas as warm as the liberals tell us it does. BTW, did you see her fun-bags yet?


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