Who Needs This Guy?

We have every worthwhile thing he’s done recorded on tape. We can listen anytime we like. What makes Jeep think he’s a socially worthy spokesman for their vehicles today? Whatever it is – it doesn’t work on me. He’s just another pretender, reading the script. Spreading the narrative, telling the story he’s paid to tell.

Then word comes out – Bruce got himself a Dooie a couple months before he read us The Story – and so they had to pull the whole thing down. They killed The Story. Like it never happened. So I’ve recapped it below, for posterity (including the never before shown ending where BS overshot the landing by 150′).


  1. I have ignored this loser since his big hype tour in Mobile “Born to Run”, he shows up for the radio dj promo strung out on heroin, having to be carried in by his 3 “handlers” and just grunts and drools while chewing on a towel. Their excuse was that he was just burnt out from the tour. The dj cut them all off and blasted him for the fraud he was/still is. His show lasted all of 35 minutes w/no encore and people were throwing shit on the stage as he exited. NJ must be filled w/idiots to think he is something special, I make something special every morning that looks and smells just like him.

  2. You’re being too kind, Hardy. Have always thought this badly aged wiseass was over rated. Yeah, the music was pretty good, but all the videos in the 80s show how this fake Midwestern wannabe always took himself too seriously. The truth will always out, and he just got busted.

  3. “I have seen the future of Rock And Roll, and it’s Bruce Springsteen”

    From a review in Rolling Stone magazine sometime in the early/mid seventies by Jon Landou. Now it gets interesting… guess what else Landou did for a living… besides write album reviews for Rolling Stone? Look him up… it’ll give you a chuckle. B.S. is a real poser…

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