Hot Damn It’s COLD

I have to hand it to the Northerners out there who deal with this crap all winter long. This rarely gets down to us – and everything is shutting down tight. Going to be a fun few days before the snow melts – I think it might be really bad for some. Everyone bundle ad try to stay unfrozen.


  1. Suck it up you pussies.
    It was zero degrees this morning, with 6-10 inches forecast for tonight into tomorrow.
    I may have to switch out my wife beater for a pocket tee to keep warm while I’m plowing the driveway up here in North Maine.

  2. Algore must have flown his private jet to South Padre Island to invoke the wrath of Glow Bull Worming. Notice the U.N. weenies never hold their climate scam conferences in high-latitude northern locations during Winter, only in places like Bali or Thailand? (Where child sex slaves are much easier to obtain and be quietly disappeared.)

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