The Sads Of Missing The Second Term

Right on top of the memory of missing your First one, too. It must be heart-wiping. And you worked so hard – even risking your health under the strain. They wheeled Joe in on a gurney, from his basement, you saw it. I guess they just weren’t that desperate for you in 2012. That seems obvious now. Why didn’t you get a Chinese Virus and Rules-Free Vote By Mail like Joe got? There is no doubt you were Cheated out of that Extra Cheating – And That Extra Cheating Would Have Made You President.

I don’t blame you for feeling bitter, not one bit. Same with Bernie, after you did it to him. And Joe, within a few months or so.


  1. Every time I think of the Jam-Indian skank that beat her out of the WH I start laughing
    so hard I have to grab my inhaler.

  2. Dammit Earl, I tried, I really tried to shed a tear for Shrillery’s demise but I couldn’t do it, knowing she and her aids infected dick head husband Billybob stole BILLIONS from the Haitians and sold thousands of their unknowing minors into sex slave programs destined for the Middle East slave trade markets and beyond. May she be afflicted by numerous minor health issues that rots away her physical capabilities and becomes totally dependent on the poor groveling peons for her long term care and she can do nothing but have her mind screaming in agony prior to taking up permanent residence beyond the 4th gate of HELL…And may her and Webb’s daughter succumb to the same fate soon.

    1. I heard a rumor…

      Down in Hades, TheClintonCrimeSyndicate often drop in to give lessons to ol’ Lucifer.

  3. In all my years of walking this planet, and everything I have ever read, heard, or seen, there has never been such a poor loser as this woman(?). She is the living example of what God told Moses when He gave him the 10 Commandments. I’m sure Satan has an exalted place in Hell for her and her soul less family.

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