1. Oh EARL!!!! Thank you so much for the belly-laugh when I just needed it most!! Love ya darlin’!

      1. Gonna make you a twatter-Star…or get put back into twit-mo for the 7th time!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

          1. Yeah, also on Gab, signed up in the beginning. Even couple of years ago, signed up for PRO-BLAH..whateves, paid subscription, I renew. I Won’t ever use it..Not the broadcasting-type…but it’s a way to support financially. (ps, if you ever want to use some of those PRO services, whatever they are…Hit me up, you can use some of mine.) So @BigMamaTEA on Gab….I just use twatter as a BATTLEFIELD right now! {wiggling eyebrows! HA!)

  2. Ol granny saggin saks has seen better days, but she won’t give up the power. Another RBG, will be running the show until she is carried out feet first. But…the way the Cal. Dems work, she’ll be voting from the graveyard until 2042.

    1. The key to Francy is the money from her donors. They’re rich, gay, far-left and motivated to outlaw whomever and whatever hurts their tender feels. They don’t get too worked up if I make fun of her manatee bags. Not their venue.

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