1. I saw an interviewed with the PA. Lt. Governor on the tube. Looked like he should be lifting weights with the Aryan brotherhood in Folsom prison or something.

  2. Funny you mention freak show…that’s my name for that freak show of a health secretary. Like I’m supposed to take health advice from something that’s swingin’ a dick but thinks it’s a fucking woman. Freak Show also pulled it’s grandmother outta the nursing home she was in last year when 70% of the deaths in the state were from nursing homes. Which apparently was fine with the news media, since Rachel (Richard) “Little Dickie” Levine is a member of a protected class (loonie tunes) because of SCIENCE!…or something.

    Fetterman is a different story. He was mayor of a small mill town near me that I use to call the ‘plywood capital of the world” because every single storefront on the main drag was boarded up. But he turned things around, and the town is thriving now. He’s a leftie, for sure, but smart enough to understand economics and hard work. He’s a pretty decent guy, but is completely out of his league as lt. governor. That rat bastard Tom Wolf picked him as his running mate in his last election because he had NO support in the western part of the state, and Fetterman was well liked. Wolf can’t run again (thank GOD), so that’s probably gonna mean Fetterman will be the candidate in a couple years. I’m hoping he’s smart enough to turn it down, because he has no business being in Harrisburg. He did wonders as mayor of Braddock, because he was calling the shots, but he’s just a state party lackey now…being trotted out to make stupid remarks about the election because no one would believe Wolf.

    1. Like the Peter Principle says: “Everybody eventually gets promoted to their level of incompetence.”

  3. I know a guy from Pennsylvania who calls the Lt. Governor “Lieutenant Governor Slingblade”. Oncer I saw his picture online I couldn’t believe it. He’s the guy from the movie “Slingblade”, only now he’s been elected to public office. “I sure like them french fried Republicans, mmmmm hmmmm…”

    Oh, and by the way, as usual, just like Governor Tom Wolf, Lt. Governor Fetterman is a privileged little rich boy whose Daddy owned a lucrative insurance agency.

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