He’s An Illegitimate Grandfather Also

He’s not real at Anything. No surprise at all. Real Family Man – that turns his back on an innocent child.

Joe Biden is a dirty rat fucker, just like his Son.

I do not like him. And he cannot be my President. I’ll just go without one, for the duration. All good.


  1. I went for 8 years without a president while lamont insane obama was squatting in MY White House with his Sasquatch “wife”, so, until we evict the “poseur-in-thief” and get our REAL President back, we must endure all the saccharine obsequious butt-kissing of the media and democraps (but I repeat myself), of this brain-dead mindless “speech stealing, wife stealing, extortion stealing, election stealing” bat rastard, while the truth of the matter is completely lost on our supposed REPRESENTATIVES, (DAMMIT!)!

  2. God has Trump’s back. We get four (4) more years. Huge changes coming! Yes, there will be chaos, as Globalists try to burn the world down. But we get another chance to preserve our Constitutional Republic. And the stories we can tell our grandchildren: “I was anxious, but I kept praying and kept the faith in God and America and it all worked out.”

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