Another New Year

Sorry I’ve been scarce lately. Haven’t been super enthused and/or inspired. Plenty pissed off. Hard to be cheerful following the greatest theft in American political history. Coupled with the willingness of our political ‘heroes’ to ignore the volumes of evidence showing fraud occurred – in a concerted and planned scam exploiting the China Flu created mass mail-in voting demands, to steal the presidency via Dem controlled cities in 5 key states. Plus our vaunted national media, so disgustingly biased in favor of democrats that they bury any ‘news’ that may injure their comrades

There are a few days left, we’ll see how it goes. I’m not one to bet against my President on anything and I won’t abandon or forget him, regardless. He’s done an outstanding job – but the deck is so stacked against him by people who love China money more than anything else…Crap, we’ll see.

Best wishes to all of you in the new year ahead. 2020 fully sucked ass but I’m still grateful for all of you. Be well. Thanks -Earl


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