The Horror: Joe Biden Is Chasing You Buck Naked And Trying To Grab Your Tail

Joe’s dog Major tried to make a run for it – any sentient creature would do the same – but the poor guy didn’t make it. They’re transgendering him into a bitch now. She’ll also be having a tail lift and lengthen procedure but that can’t happen until the vulva is finished – or they risk dislocating her anus.

(Below) Here’s Joe training Dog #2, Champ on this subject. (Ed note – FYI: The Major-in-a-Bag is a scare prop only. Majorette is very much alive and incessantly licking herself, post surgery. PETA can eat a bag of dognuts.)


  1. And everyone thought the Clinton’s dog, Buddy “accidentally” ran out in front of that truck
    after seeing HIlz getting out of the wash-rack. Pet Parenthood was a nice touch too.

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