Cher: I Need Satisfaction Real Bad

True story mang

Publicly acknowledging her need for a more physical response, Cher is now en route to the Congo, where she will try to help save the sad and listless Giant Hanging Mountain Silverbacks who suffer from a similar lack of companionship. Ever since their females all ran off with some sweet-walking Bonobo son of a gibbon, these poor old Gorilla Boys have had no satisfaction at all. As it is clearly detrimental to their health and well-being, our responsibility as stewards of nature is just as obvious.

Cher will offer her magnificent international star power and her alluring, stunningly sexy 72 year old granny body to attract and entice the tribe out of the jungle – she’s volunteered to be bound naked and spread eagle against a large tree and left as live bait – with strict instructions that she be left alone with the Gorillas for no less than 4 hours before any intervention is attempted. She is a true hero to wild — and willing — animals everywhere.


  1. I’m not buyin’ it, Earl… Mountain Gorillas have a hell of a lot more self respect than to be tempted with “Share”!

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