Lab Certified Effective Birth Control For Men – No Drugs Or Surgery – Free To My Readers

Print this image as many times as needed to focus your subconscious away from sexual thoughts or feelings, as needed. Tape them to mirrors, laminate one for the shower, the windshield of your car – whatever it takes to keep your urges depressed. Then save the file to your phone, tablet and or computer to flatten those dirty desires like pancakes, all day long. Finally, put this photo up on all your big screens and completely burn it into your brain – (leave it on while you sleep!)

That’s all it takes and it really, really works – if and when you need it. Stay healthy my friends.


  1. Damn Earl….not only did viewing this make my stomach turn but, as advertised, my normally uncontrollable libido has had its first ever fail. Not even my raging hormones seem to help. Please, please don’t ever show anything like this again. Hopefully by this weekend I’ll be able to get back to normal. Almost feel sorry for the fool who divorced his wife to be with this Somalian piece of camel poop….but wait, he’s also a Democrat. Sorry, but I’m not sorry.😵

  2. Even if I hadn’t been rendered “inert” and uninterested by the calendar, prostate cancer and back surgery that photo put me off forever.|

    Yeah, I still look at the girlies. I just don’t remember why.

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