1. The election has been stolen.
    There is plenty of information out there explaining how the marxists were finally able to pull this off:


    This link explains in more detail how this Cyber Weapon is used. This interview was the day before the election.
    This names names, Brennan, Comey, Mueller….funded by Soros…war room that Obama organized has making this happen.
    Many names involved that you will recognize.
    The algorithms will be meant to look like foreign interference if found.
    This is really happening and we will no longer have the USA as we know it.

    This is why they could run the aging Biden and the marxist Kamala.
    They are only the pawns, the game is fixed.

    First report on Monday:

    And yesterday:

    They have been fine tuning these methods since 2012.

    I have verified all this with someone I know at the top of the government food chain. I know that doesn’t mean much to anyone, but this will all come out and the truth will be seen.

    Be safe everyone, we’ve entered the next phase.

    1. Chill Ned…..it will all work out. Note I didn’t say it will be alright, but we will get thru it. Please calm down, because worrying never solved anything. I feel just as bad as you do….but we gotta keep on truckin! 😁

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