Update: Oops I Had A Stroke

Hello all

Had it Friday. I’m OK but it zapped my right arm. With which I do everything so I’m typing like Stephen Hawking. Probably will be able to work it out in time – photoshop is hard, writing worse. PT coming and will try to contribute soon. Took way to long to type this. MAGA!

Best!! Earl O’

Many many thanks for all of your kind comments! You’re the best and I am truly honored. I have feewings back in all areas – coordination still el spastico on the right but I’m working on it. TY to MJA at iotwreport and my sweet BFF Diogenes for the kind posts. And again, to all you fine peeps. We’ll get back at it asap, no worries!

God bless


  1. Earl had a “minor” stroke? Is there any way we can sue The Almighty for 2020 because this year is just getting ridiculous.

    1. Had a couple “mini” strokes a couple of years ago, just for practice, I guess. A “minor” stroke clears itself before you get to the hospital. But truth is, there ain’t no such thing as a minor stroke. Scared the hell out of me.

      Best wishes, Earl.

  2. Dude! Your exit visa is NOT approved!! Now, expect to see you back at the 3 letter word J.O.B.S. in no time! Easy does it!!

  3. Earl

    Enjoy your wit and wisdom. Wishing you a safe and speedy recovery. We need all the patriots we have to keep these ‘children’ in line.

  4. Earl, we at Safespace Manor wish you the best. Recovery from a stroke is difficult at best; I’ve seen three good friends through them during the past ten years. Aggressive P.T. seems to help, along with time – the brain rebuilds alternate pathways for neural messages to reach the muscles. Prayer is one of the best weapons we have to use against this evil affliction.

  5. The stroke damaged your right side … Leftists did this to you, and that’s all the proof I need.

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  7. I’ll be staying up all night on New Year’s Eve this year.
    Not to see the new year in, but to make sure 2020 gets the fcuk outta here!!
    Get better man!

  8. Earl,
    Hang in there, buddy. My days are all better because of you. I hope your day is better.

  9. Earl, I had a stroke in 2012 and a brain injury in 2018 ( giving me an excuse for my behavior). Hang in there. I do have a deficit, but life is still good. I seriously can’t decide whether my behavior is due to my health or my 72 years. But my excuses for my bad behavior are a blessing. My best to you.

  10. Thanks for the update. May your recovery be as speedy and complete as possible. May God bless you and guide the medical professionals providing your care.

  11. Best wishes and my thoughts and prayers for your speedy recovery. I learned to do everything with one hand after my stroke, but if you can bring that arm back, it’d be much, much better.

    1. Yeah, what DECES says goes double for me, make sure your pt assistant understands you need your right hand for personal use, make it all well again.

  12. Well don’t that just spoil the year. And it was going so well until this! If it starts raining frogs then I’m going to church. Hang in there man and make a quick recovery.

  13. Good Grief, Earl! We leave you alone for a couple o’ days, and look what you go and do! We just can’t let you out of our sight. Stop it!!

    Get better, dude. Don’t make me come over there. I’m warnin’ ya… GET WELL SOON

    (Quit scaring us like that, okay? We would really, REALLY hate to lose your smiling face and rapier wit photoshops.)

  14. Earl….man get better quick…..We need you for MAGA – Election -2020!!!

    If you need anything….you know what to do!

  15. Obviously, going blind isn’t the only affliction for that type of activity.
    Does this mean that you now lean to the left until the right gains mobility?
    LOL LOL.
    Speedy recovery prescribed.

  16. As if more proof were needed that there is no universal fairness: there you are laid up recovering from a stroke and Barbara and Mike Obama lounge around freely with not a care in the world. Ain’t fair.
    My very best to you and yours!

  17. Earl, a “stroke” belongs on the golf course, not your body! As far as Stephen Hawking’s typing… due to his atheism and Hell’s deficit of typewriters, I’m incredulous of your claim.

  18. Earl!!! Sorry to read this!! A whole bunch of thoughts and prayers going out to you!! You are one of my absolute favorite sites!! Get yourself well now, we’re all missing ya!!

  19. Earl! Ya CAN’T go yet! Election’s gonna be LIT, and YOU’RE A MUST on the Commentary Front! Rest very very well, and hang tight….You gotta LOTTA snark to do….

  20. Love you, Earl, and all your superb work. You’re not as much fun to look at as DMF, but really, who is? Wishing for you a speedy and full recovery.

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