1. According to the Salon owner, Our beloved Nanc has been frequenting that salon for quite some time. Since Nanc is or was related to Gov. Nuisance, I expect that the salon owner will now be harassed by local and state board of health and/or whatever board regulates barbershops and hair salons and probably the local fire marshall.

    A couple of questions Tucker didn’t ask last night: did Nancy make the appt. herself and in her own name, how often has Nanc been coming to the shop during the lockdown?

    1. Ms. Kious is, as she said herself, “finished” now. We oughta start a GoFundMe for her, to be used for moving expenses to a non-fascist state, where she can resume practice in peace.

  2. Plot goes like this:

    Salon owner, secretly a Trump Supporter decides to ‘get’ Nanshee Pelosi

    Uses mental telepathy to convince one of Nanshee’s staffers to call and make an appointment.

    This same staffer also tells Nanshee, she needs her hair done.

    Blissfully Ignorant Nanshee asks: ‘Are you sure?’ ‘How can I when it is illegal to go inside a salon?’

    The mentally controlled staffer says: ‘It’s ok, I know somebody’

    the rest of the story plays out as we have seen.

    But as you can see, it was the ‘EVIL Trump supporting Salon Owner’ that plotted to embarrass the most ‘transparent’ ‘honest’ ‘decent’ and caring speaker of the house ever.

    The notion of getting her hair done NEVER came from Nanshee herself….she is a victim!!!!

  3. Nancy wishes her hair could look that good. Next she needs to fix those botox eyebrows. I hear tell a small propane torch can work wonders.

  4. The 2nd person away from the most powerful position in the entire world was not smart enough to know that the rules applied to her also? That doesn’t give me a whole lot of comfort. And the best story they could come up with is that she was ” set up”?
    Why couldn’t she just say that her normal hairdresser was sick, and she had to have her hair done for an interview on television, and had to ask for a special favor from the salon owner. I could respect that a hell of a lot more than for her to put out an obvious lie, to try and pull one over on the American people, who, surprisingly enough, are not as stupid as most of the Democrat leadership.
    Good Grief!

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