1. Earl,
    That graphic sums up perfectly who Obama is and will ever hope to be. The man has been and remains a stain on America.

    My head almost exploded when I heard that asshole speak the way he did about us Americans at Lewis’ funeral. America is the least racist nation on the face of the earth in the history of the world. He, more than anyone, should know that. What a despicable piece of shit he is.

    1. Hardnox, lamont insane obama is not a PIECE of shit… he is a STEAMING MOUNTAIN of shit! Along with the Wookie, Magilla obama, they are a shitstain on this nation that makes the most DESPERATE of despots look pure as the driven snow! Seems to me that if Castro, Kim Jong Un and satan himself would have SHARED the presiduncy [sic] they couldn’t have done a more effective job in screwing up the integrity of the country any worse than the Poseur-in-Thief lamont! Oh, BTW, I call him “lamont” because in 2010, Alan Caruba, at the Washington Post, called him the “Dummy in the White House”. Just seemed fitting.

    2. It’s same as he’s always done. A lot of us saw and heard enough of his “where’s mah dollah!” speeches before he was first elected. He’s never failed my original estimation of him, to this day. Imagine Trump speaking politics at a funeral. It would be called an impeachable outrage. And Obama using his phony Southern Black accent to preach his leftist nonsense always makes me gag. POS is too nice a phrase, imo.

  2. If we’re all that racist, he must have cheated like hell to get elected – twice.
    Cunt is too nice a word.

  3. The Kenyan jackwagon put bullseye targets on the back of every LEO in America, with his latest version of “the Cambridge police acted stupidly”. He better hope his limousine doesn’t break down on the way to his walled compound in Kalorama-lama-ding-dong, DC. Some rough neighbors in that part of town.

  4. All the bullshit Chicago Jesus spewed about Lewis being brutalized by the police during the “historic” march across the bridge in Selma yet how many know the police were following the orders of the Mayor. A Democrat Mayor? But Lewis went on to become one himself. Idiot.

  5. Yes sir ! Larry Sinclairs Bitch is one Evil, POS Commie, Marxist Cunt.
    Couldn’t hate anyone more than that punk Bastard.

    1. Accurately said… people seem to forget that lamont insane obama’s parents weren’t married!

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