Green Helmet Is The Weak Link

Another wall o’moms. Viewing it strategically, as though I intend to breech it for any reason whatsoever, I look for the strengths and weaknesses to formulate my attack. They have the big guns at their front, with MomTits and her brigade holding the prodigious right flank. Green Helmet is the weakest sector, (I mean just look at it.)

A full frontal attack on Green Helmet should bring out MT in defense, as GH will surely run away. Sign Person will slide over to shield the Black Lives Rule being and we block MT with a squad or two while the rest pour in through BH’s gaping hole.

Anyone have an alternate plan? Just pretend you would even give a shit, like I did.

wall of carbs


  1. Smaller flank groups attack the sides. This group will be slow in responding. Attack on both ends. Fall back and then attack the center. The group wont hold, considering they couldn’t adopt the phalanx formation and they have no speed/limited fighting ability. Unless they have some large source of reserves or Soy Action Team in the alleys. You could easily catch them off guard if you got them to chase you with a larger force waiting behind your attack team.

    1. “Soy action team”? If so, our attack should employ meat bullets, preferably raw pork.

  2. I like the “Stop scaring our little children” sign. My response would be, stop taking them to riots!

  3. I suggest an eye-level pan with a green laser. What’s used on our agents, should also be fair for use on the leftists. I also note that these moms (if that’s what they are) proudly state that their rioting spawn are children. Who’da thunk they’d admit the truth so readily.

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