How Does Sailor Joe Keep Bobbling Along Without Sinking?

He’s a corrupt blowhard and a retarded dunce. His team is managing to keep that well hidden enough, so far. Where are the republicans working to bring it all out? What is holding up the DOJ? It’s past time people learned the truth about QuidProDoughSlowJoe.

man in the boat

barrs acomin


  1. I don’t expect anything of barr’s investigation. When has any lying dirtbag criminal top dog in Washington had anything happen to them? This is just to make us feel like they are doing something.

  2. John “Delay” Durham apparently believes Trump will be re-elected … because if he is not, Durham and his investigation will disappear faster than a condom in a homo bathhouse.

  3. The only thing keeping Biden afloat is a kid with a beany cap and a seasick sea serpent.(early 60’s cartoon reference,for the yoots)

    1. Beany and Cecil! Bad guy’s name was Dishonest John. Dishonest John carried a business card that read: “Dirty deeds done dirt cheap.” This inspired the song from ACDC.

  4. “His team is managing to keep that well hidden enough,”

    Oh, really! Kept it hidden from whom? Even the DemonicRats know he couldn’t find his butt with both hands.

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