If You’re Not White, The American Dream Is A Nightmare

Luckily, you have choices. We’ll miss you a lot but we want you to feel safe and happy, at all times. Because it’s not about us. You told us that. Then you told us it was up to us to repair your insecurities and then also we cannot do that because we’re all racist from birth so just send money.

Anyway we’re all torn up over the pain we’ve caused you throughout your lives and our inherent disability to correct it. And we’ve all seen enough non-white millionaires to understand that money and quality of life provide no relief at all. We have no choice but to admit you’re better off somewhere else -anywhere else – than America.

So we’re setting you free. You are no longer bound to this country and its people. It shames us to acknowledge we can’t offer you better, we tried very hard – but we’ve failed and you are now all free to go.

Bon Voyage!



  1. Been telling friends for years that the US govt should offer everyone of them a check for $100K and a one way first class ticket to the African nation of their choice. Only stipulation is when you sign your name your US citizenship is renounced permanently. After the stupidest ones (many) take the deal, raise the offer to 150K and repeat, raise offer and repeat, until the offer is equal to the cost of keeping (literally) them in America. Anyone got a better plan that is not murder?

  2. They could also go to the Far East. There are quite a few YouTube videos that say how much nicer it is to be a black person in Japan…

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