1. Marvelous portrayal of a singularly disgusting collection of the species – only matched by another next five libtards. You’re too gentle with Whitmer/Whitless….Could you do one with the nom Hiel WHitler? Keep it up – it’s all fabulous!


  2. I heard there’s a job opening that Lizzie Warren might qualify for: The package design for Land-O-Lakes now features a gigantic red ZERO where the Indian maiden used to be.

    1. If they ever need a spokesperson for fried eggs, Lizzie’s got it covered and thank God Earl’s got ’em covered too.

  3. OK, it made me laugh, but really, I mean this is just such childishness. Let’s grow up, Mr. Taint, if that really is your name. And we don’t have dukes and earls here stateside. So shape up.

  4. Seriously, the Klobster in at number 1? She’s as appetizing as a Michelle Obama school lunch.

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