Florida Man Will Wear Grim Reaper Outfit To Scare People Away From Beaches (And Raise Money For Dems)

Notice that you don’t see any Dem operatives putting on Grim Reaper outfits and riding the NYC subways to warn people away (and more importantly, to raise money for themselves). That’s because a person might actually catch the virus on the subway, which is much, much less likely to happen on a public beach. That’s why New York has 17 times as many virus deaths as Florida.

Seriously: If they thought they could get the virus by doing this, do you really think they’d be doing this?

People are dying, and the Party of Science™ is making a cynical, science-denying joke out of it. Our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters get to safely signal their virtue while making a spectacle of themselves. This stunt is pretty much perfect.

Truth In Advertising



  1. BAM! Spot-on Earl..
    WTF could be healthier than fresh sea air and healing salt waters ?
    As a resident of a Florida beach town myself, I can assure you that the nearest thing to a crowd like the one pictured by the MSM of the “Jacksonville Beach in the mountains re-opening” would be our annual July performance of the ‘Blue Angel’ show over our beach.
    Of course, I’m sure that will be cancelled this year, due to Patriotic…I MEAN COVID-19…outbreaks..

  2. This may be the most liberal stunt ever–“To convince people not to travel and not to go to beaches, I will travel to beaches. This is because huge, largely empty expanses of sand (in conservative-leaning areas) are MUCH more dangerous than small, crowded parks (liberal-leaning areas). “

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