1. Dat be a lotta schnozz to cover with just one little white mask.
    She need 2.

  2. Pelosi and Schumer met to decide who could do more damage to America’s economy: AOC or SJL. Guess who done got selected. AOC being younger is being kept in reserve to flock stuff up in 2021.

    1. And when she fucks it up (and she will) she’ll be bulletproof because she’s a Woman of Color.

      I can hardly wait to see the televised hearings with her in charge.

  3. I wonder if due to this ‘appointment’ will Sheila Jackson Lee be invited to the next Bill Gates held party for all the socialist wannabe leaders and such?????? I could see her hob nobbing with the intelligentsia in that crowd!!!!

  4. FFS Earl, it’s nowhere near Thanksgiving and look at the “do” Harambe is sportin’

  5. Oh, man. That is funny shit. This broad is a complete and utter blank slate. Sheila is the microbe, not the coronavirus. Stay healthy, Earl. But, if you do get sick, don’t forget to blame Trump.

  6. I don’t know what her personal portfolio looks like (probably pretty comfy) but I suspect that she is worth a whole lot more than most of the rest of us (likely combined net worth) so she knows how to ‘manage’ money.

  7. She wears her mask, (or to be Ebonicly correct should I say “max”), BELOW her nose, just like black guys whose pants are 10″ below their asses? What the hell is it with them? Is that why “they great great grandaddies” couldn’t outrun the slavers… because their loincloths were between their knees? I’d call SJL a dumbass, but that part of her might be the smartest portion she’s GOT!

    1. How cum u bee soz raccists? Kant we be all getz allong? Uz white peoplez all got no style in howz u dress.

  8. The good Lord help is all! With half wits like this creature even near the seats of power just the odor alone overwhelms the ability of others to function normally. Our country is toast. At 69, at least I lived in the golden age of America. Now nitwits, communists, fascists, the insane, dementia ridden geriatrics and corrupt criminals have a hand in steering the ship of fools. And what’s most distressing is that people actually elect these people.

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