How To Spot Truly Fake News

Note the actual, published magazine cover on the left. If you look carefully, you’ll see Joe’s portrait has been cleverly and expertly manipulated to make him appear much younger than his actual age (87). This is Fake News at its worst.

A majority of subscribers polled now think Joe Biden sells his own line of salad dressings.

On the right is an honest take, with a photograph that is 100% certified authentic and a dead solid perfect accounting of Biden’s decades in elected office and all he has achieved therein. It also successfully confirms his life-long struggle with retardation. Real News.

Take some time to study these examples and learn how to discern truth from fiction, for an informed electorate is crucial to the maintenance of a free society and stuff. Thank You!



  1. Can a human still poop, after forty years on the Elmer’s diet? Mebbe Ol’ Joe is a turd-bomb, ’bout ready to blow.

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