1. Too bad those pics are (obviously) photoshopped and not real.
    They would be the “smoking gun” to sink Bursitis Bernie’s presidential campaign.

    1. TDR, I’m surprised… after all this time, as Earl has demonstrated how he NEVER re-touches his posts, (or DOES re-do them flawlessly), you would accuse our dear leader of such a nefarious crime. Personally I think the lack of perfect continuity in this shot is intended to be ironic, like the palaver of commies trying to sell the bullshit of socialism being devoid of the evil of communism.

  2. Great stuff, now we need a pic of him banging his shoe on the desk at the UN

    “We will bury you!”

  3. Joseph Stalin pioneered the technique of “finding” archival photos that either did, or did not, show certain individuals – as demanded by the situation at hand. I believe our friend Earl is doing the same. No Photoshop involved, just good ol’ fashioned research in the stacks at the local liberry!

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