1. I wonder what comes to mind when Bootiegiggles hears about a sandwich of peanut butter and jam? What impact will his 40% higher tendency to contract Hep-C have on health care costs? How much will it normalize licking other men’s bungholes to have a guy like this in the White House? What ability will a screaming homosexual have to negotiate with a culture that throws homosexuals off buildings? Will the White House have a “scat room” for his recreation? Will he have a propensity to hire homosexuals for positions instead of the “best person for the job”? Since he has a “husband”, will he be both president AND First Lady? What ever happened to his promise to send his husband to San Franfecal with a donor to his campaign? Will he demand that people address him as SHE since he thinks he’s a female? Will he get a sex change operation as president? Will Bruce Jennitals get “tapped”, (double entendre intended), for Sexretary of State? Will he change the name of D. C. to Sodom? Will he change the name of an STD to Gommorahrhea?

    1. Buddy, you packed more double entendres and bad wordplays into that single comment than most of us can find for a full political commentary!

      1. I do what I can. I’ll be here all week, don’t forget to tip your waitress. (I was in a restaurant in another country dining with a resident of said country, and when the waitress returned I asked my dining companion, “are we supposed to tip the waitress here?”, Upon receiving an affirmative reply, I stood up and tilted the waitress about 15 degrees and sat back down.)

  2. No butts about it, Mayor and Missus Pete better take precautions next time they go spelunking.

  3. If Jussie Smollett beats his latest bunch of indictments he’d be perfect as Buttigiggle’s running mate. Look at all the demographics Petey would cover. Gay, check, Black, check, Hollywood, check. Lying POS liberal, check

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  5. Why elect another manfaggot and simply skip right to a quadsexual tranny or crippled, pedophile space alien ?

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