Nobody Is Buying That Schiff – Nobody Sane And Normal, Anyway

Many, many former Dem voters will pull the lever for Our Favorite President this year. Because they are decent human beings, not like the foaming-at-the-mouth Bernie backers or backs-against-the-wall Deep State sucklings.  The eventual Dem candidate will be lucky to hit 40% – and I believe it will be closer to 30 – this November. They get smashed.

dem cookies


  1. “So u can always make Dollar…” Yep – we’re back to Russia, alright….nice span, Dave.

  2. Two shmeckles and a drunk. Looks like the usual bunch of deadbeats hawking worthless shit at some 3rd rate strip mall. Oh wait, it is….

  3. It is comforting that as I get close the end of my life … (I am 77 and have the big C) … that Donald Trump is in charge and working tirelessly to bring us all back from the brink.

    He has brought real hope to sensible people. I am so grateful …

    However, in my demented dominion, Canada, we have the worst of the worst in charge … Justin Trudeau is a dolt who listens to assholes like G Soros and Greta Dumbshit.

    Win some, lose some. Canada is not all that relevant has been overrun with liberal-voting 3rd world trash and mindless white socialist liberals who have been affected by the educational industry run by unionized wogs.

    1. Well, with Donald Trump in the U.S. and Trudeau in Canadia, we’ll have a heads-up race to see which system works better.

  4. The commiecrats must think that everyone is as stupid as their true believer useless idiot followers.
    It ain’t selling out in Kulak land AKA flyover country. Even the dullest tool in the shed could see the replace Russia with Ukraine two step.
    Schiff for brains looks like he is on a seven day meth binder with those bug eyes which is another reason the deplorables ain’t buying.

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