Ilhan Omar Introduces Her Own $75.00 Signature Scented Candle And It’s Fishy

Her Therapeutic Candles Bear Strong Overtones Of Pungent Sun-Ripened Mackerel With Complementary Aromas of Sharp Cheese, Ammonia Bread, Fruity Pebbles And Sliced Raw Onion.

It will flush out all tear ducts and burn away any nose hair, almost instantly.

smells like omar


  1. Eau de Skank, in a convenient candle-fish format. Now available on Amazon with free shipping.

  2. Does it go with the pens that San Fran Nan used the other day? Some comrades don’t make enough in a year to afford one of these ceremonial pens.
    Comrade Kommissar Nancy should do something about this inequality.

  3. Jesus, she is one ugly, toothy, smelly fuckin’ bitch. I wouldn’t even fuck her at gunpoint, using my hound dog’s dick.

    “Ammonia bread”. LOL. Nice one.

  4. If they call it Almuhabil now, what was it called BEFORE the FGM? Oh, I know….


    Stupid heathens.

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