Well They Dragged It Over

Subtitle asks Mitch to grant it eternal rest in the Senate.

And yes, there will be an asterisk attached to this sham impeachment. It will denote the Democrat Majority’s petty and overt abuse of their Congressional power to pervert the process as a way of undoing an election they lost. In an honest world, it would label them *Sordid, Corrupt Pigfuckers. Regardless, history will remember their rotten asses for the slime they are.

peachmint funeral


  1. A backlog at Vistaprint on custom pens delayed the delivery of the Articles to the Senate.

  2. Take no interest in politics, get ruled by your inferiors, republic turns into a totalitarian dystopia, the end.

  3. Fox News’ Chris Wallace calls the House’s impeachment proceedings “somber and dignified…” Pardon me while I heave.

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