1. Aren’t they too busy trying to overthrow a duly elected president? Maybe they can go full Great Leap Forward and promote the mail room clerk to chief.
    The mailroom clerk couldn’t do any more damage to their long gone never to return reputation.

  2. Wray-Here is some tissue to wipe your ass with after schiffing on your desk, promise that you won’t do it again, we only have a limited supply of tissues.
    fbi -Okay, we promise, wipes their collective asses and leave the pile of schiff on their desks and walk away.

  3. You can bet that a big important federal agency like the FIB has an insurance policy… in case their new procedures don’t work as they expect.

    I love the way they’re selling this as a simple failure of agents or mid-level managers to follow the proper procedure and not a deliberate abuse of power, directed from the very top, to rig a federal election and install their deep state evil overlord. Yes, these room temperature IQ bureaucrats really do believe that Americans are stupid enough to believe this blatant state serving propaganda.

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