1. Word is that the Iranian gubermint authorities flew Soleimani’s bits & pieces back to Teheran, in a cardboard box, sitting across three seats in coach class on a commercial airliner. For real.

  2. Does Colin Paperdick approve of Nike supplying the box for Soleimani’s remains? Stupid me. Of course he does. Prolly wishes he could endorse the next Mullah-bombardier-master.

  3. Hope someone sent this to the Ayatollah, so he can shed some more Obamaesque crocodile tears and to Ilhan Omar so she can scream RACISS for her MSM buddies while wearing a burka and that ridiculous fucking turban.

  4. Commiecrats got the sads because their comrade is gone. Don’t waste time on any who can’t see what an evil worthless pile this party is.
    Laugh in their face when they say…the democrats helped grampaw the auto worker 80 years ago.


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