1. Growing up with a gay balladeer gas pumper and a deputy sheriff who kept his bullet in his pocket, could we expect Dopey to turn out as anything other than an anti-American liberal?

  2. After perusing every offering on Shitflix, Vudoo and Amazon having found absolutely zero offerings worth my time, nada, nil, empty set, this former consumer of Homowood propaganda products is officially retired as a member of the Viewing Public.

    Eat shit Opie.

  3. Bwahaha! Lil’ Dopie! That is pure comedy gold. When the comic book rehashes and Star Wars Part 47-The Big Ca$h IN are gone what will Hollywood do?
    Alienating half of the audience is a brilliant business model that the bestest and brightestest in Hollywood have going.
    I hope that works out well for them. (not really)


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