1. Two fried eggs brings back memories of my youth when that was an insult to young ladies who being so unendowed would stuff their bras with tissue paper or toilet paper to have larger looking boobs hit a home run as this woman has been a falsie from the gat go and nothing she says or does can be believed. As usual you have gotten to the root of the deception by weasels who need to spend the rest of their lives in exile.

  2. I hope that those are quail eggs and you aren’t being too generous to Squaw Spewing Bull there Earl.

  3. Some hammer and sickle beer would be a good fit for the slaw squaw. After all comradette kommissarina Warren is one of us dee plorables with her craft Yankee beer.
    Kommissar Bernie says all comrades are welcome at one of his mansions and a free joy ride in his red sports car…just kidding.

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