1. Right. The clothes may be natural fabrics (likely blends) but the machines that weave/knit/sew them need power. Transporting from mill to factory to store to home. Oil, oil, oil and oil. Phones, glasses, poly quick-dry fabrics etc, all derived from oil. Everyone of them is walking on oil. They’re literal dipshits, no question. AKA “Teenagers”.

  1. I am waiting for the day when she becomes an islamic sex slave and radicalized in their favor and tries to blow up a nuclear plant or mass transit train, in the name of aloha snackbar and the new green deal…she will learn the true meaning of “idiot”…..

  2. The moron “greenies” don’t know how much they DO rely on oil. If they got their way and stopped exploration and refining, they would be SHOCKED what they DON’T HAVE any more! They are more “short sighted” than Stevie Wonder!

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