1. Captain Peloosi, when USS MAGA is sighted: “Mister Schitt, bring me my purple sash, signifying courage to inspire the crew.”
    Captain Peloosi, as USS MAGA approaches: “Mister Schitt, bring me my red tunic, so that if I am wounded the crew will not onserve the blood and lose their resolve.”
    Captain Peloosi, when USS MAGA is off starboard bow: “Mister Schitt, bring me my brown pants!”

  2. It’s a pleasant thought,but we all know none of these criminals will ever pay a price. Ever.

  3. Oh, Earl, what a beautiful way to wake up in the morning!!!! (I’m sure all the girls tell Earl that every morning!! LOL!)

  4. I’m guessin’ Nancy is probably gonna abandon Schiff as she’ll never abandon the party. I hope every Dem house member that loses a seat in the nex mid-terms publicly blames the b*tch and her antics.

    1. I’m looking forward to the moment when Nazi Pelosi has to hand over the Speaker’s gavel… AGAIN.

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