1. Earl … Spammers attacking YOUR site !? I guess that’s some kind of measure of your internet reach. Can you block “IrmaKAdams”?

    1. Yeah – they’re getting through the filters. Hopeful WP steps up to stop – I see it happening elsewhere too – same names. I kill em as soon as I can. Thanks Bud.

  2. It’s Jo Jo! He has his mint condition immaculate lunchbox that has never seen a shift of work and he feels your pain after working in government the past 50 years.
    Step right up kids and pet his hairy legs, maybe you’ll get a finger nibble if you have been good.
    Note to Comrade Kamala-Bye Felecia.

  3. Joe Epstein-Biden For Presidenting™

    Smell The Children™

    My Other Kid is A Crackhead™

    Two Aneurysms Qualified™

    Biden For Clean And Articulate Negroes™

    Biden And Corn Pop: Fried Chicken In Every Crib™

    Shoot Your Shotgun In Da Air™

    Back In Chains™

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