1. Gonna need a bigger island. There’s a lot more Miserable Mothers then just those three. Like Nadless, Pelousi, UpChuck, Hellary……
    It will get so crowded, it will tip over. Like Guam.

  2. Hey Greta: I note that the ice you’re standing on has not melted, like you said it would.

    1. Heh, she also lectured us at the U.N. claiming she should be in school. Another lie from Saint Pie-Face Scudberg.

  3. How dare you blaspheme Saint Greta and Colon Krapernick. Wrongthink thoughtcrime reported to MiniTru.

  4. Kaepernick is such a worthless little racist pile of shit. The guy is a crap quarterback, but since he’s got melanin in his skin, we have to pretend he’s the new Joe Namath. I love the ridiculous ‘fro, too, because he an African, my brotha’! Word!

    And, as far as Greta goes, I hope she has an autistic seizure and chokes on her own vomit.

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