They’re A Bit Stuck Here…

The leftist base voters demand impeachment from their majority in the House. Actual impeachment will proceed to the Senate, for a trial they will not win (we know they don’t want a proper trial of any kind). And the public is losing interest in (or seeing through) their bogus “inquiry” by the day.  Kind of stuck, yep. What to do?



  1. The assault on President Trump will continue up to and beyond any formal impeachment. If they cannot get rid of him through process they will use air time to condemn, criticize, ridicule and otherwise impede his every move they can. It is now not about getting rid of him. It is about trying to keep the house in 2020 and maybe give themselves a remote chance on winning the Senate too.

    This process is now a perpetual smear campaign and the left is expert on smearing their opposition with lies, half truths and rumors. Do not expect this to end anytime before election day in November 2020.

  2. “It’s too late, baby, well it’s too late, we really did try to warn you, spewing lies up into the skies ain’t gonna reelect you”….

  3. Saw this meme:

    “They aren’t after President Trump.
    They are after us.
    President Trump is just in the way.”

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