1. I’ve been ‘researching’ pot use for over 50 years. Started at age 26. By the time I turned 30, I was enjoying an occasional scotch whiskey.

    That continued for the following years until I switched to an occasional Jameson’s Irish Whiskey which is cheaper to buy and very smooth. I haven’t yet moved on to any harder drugs.

    So my research tells me that pot may lead to an occasional whiskey of some sort. I think others drink beer some of the time.

    1. Finally, sound research on the untested substance which cannot be tested because it is a Schedule I. What a governmental joke.

  2. Stick a fork in him he’s baked, er I mean dun D U N dun.

    Even if Biden somehow wins the nomination, Trump will be playing that clip of Biden telling the story of how he got the Ukrainian prosecutor fired 24/7 and that’s the only political ad he’ll need.

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