Getting Ready For Halloween

Literally terrifying. Occasionally wry. Faithfully translated to English from the original Dongese – at no extra charge.  Keep watching – we have more coming on the next boat!


aoc big mouth




WARNING! Clicking the link below is not advised for readers with conditions that may be exacerbated by sudden revulsion, surprise or shock. Due to possible damage to the unborn, pregnant mothers are strongly advised to not hit it at all. Eye protection is encouraged for all viewers. May the Force Field be with you.


toxic warning


  1. So…what did you have to agree to in order for her to let you take that photo, Earl?

    And how long has that cheese sammich been trapped under that pus bag?

    1. Maybe not a sandwich, bud. Maybe just the cheese?
      Anyway I got in by pretending to be the Pest Exterminator and she demanded to be sprayed down first.

  2. Like Diogenes I was incredulous I would survive after such an ominous warning, but did I click on it? Did I keep my eyes open? Oh my goodness, (not that there’s any of THAT left any more), it was worse than seeing a photo of Rosie O’Donnell twerking… magilla obama wearing a string bikini… Joy BayWhore at the Reagan Library… it was WHORE-ABLE! No wonder Free Willie Clinton is always trolling for trollops! My wife has put on a little weight over our 50 years of marriage but good GRIEF, Earl, where’d you get a camera that survived THAT? The Tasmanian She-devil looks more fetching than shrillary… hell… Ernest Borgnine in DRAG would look better!

  3. Thank God you didn’t include the bare Cankles too. Even a demented fella can only handle so much.

  4. I was expecting a Deneebian slime devil, gorgon or warty leper oozing pus. Something so hideous we puke from its imagined stench.

    1. well I can’t help describe the smell…nobody has the imagination to do so and those who have actually smelt it all died before they could get out of the driveway

  5. You call that a stern warning? Threaten me with something next time, just don’t make me see that cheese sandwich again!

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