1. It’s not that the democrats do not have a target. It is obvious they do. However, they do not have any bullets.

    So, when you are out of ammo, you posture and act as if you do.

    I doubt there is a genuine 2nd whistle blower or if there is this person is:

    a) a democrat true believer member of the deep state or:

    b) is relying on rumor more than fact.

    The emporers’ of the democrat party have no clothes. Call their bluff and make them show their cards.

    1. So you agree with me, Wingman, that, like when his “wife” Magilla wears a dress, the strategy is like Barry’s favorite game… “Hide the Chorizo”. BTW, I think lamont insane obama’s favorite nautical song is “Blow The Man Down”.

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