1. The only difference between Little Bobby and Travis Bickle, the psychotic loser attempting to assassinate a presidential candidate, is the mohawk.

  1. It gives me immense joy and inner peace to see De Niro still foaming at the mouth and suffering from terminal TDS. I’m assuming it’s foam anyway….

  2. Never before have I seen libtards so upset over something. I have a former co-worker who won’t talk to any Trump supporters he used to work with. My step mother also has a stepson with her new husband that refuses to even visit them because they were Trump supporters. TDS is a real mental disorder and I know you shouldn’t make fun of the mentally ill….but damn, it’s just too much fun antagonizing those low info morons.

    1. Wingman: These ambulating turds live to attack and harass us. Give ’em back as much of it as you can, bro.

          1. Rude. Rude. Rude.

            And perfect.

            Are you available to write personalized messages for birthday and xmez cards?

        1. Obviously and incontestably you like to suck on incontesticles, you leftist wussy puke-gutted weasel. Go cry about 0.04% CO2 in the atmosphere and then go bite a fart, you ignorant human flotsam.

  3. Jesus, I hate that fucker De Niro. All he does is continually say that he wants to punch the president. What a pussy little bigmouthed cunt this guy is. Most overrated actor, ever, in the history of the Milky Way galaxy. He had a swishy little faggot for a father, which pretty much explains everything. Can’t get it up with a white woman, either.

    1. He’s made a fortune by pretending to be other people and reading someone else’s words from a script. And yeah, he quite obviously is an asshole.

  4. Exactly!
    Guy thinks he’s some kind of street fighter, but he ain’t shit. His empty threats and shit talking reminds me of my parents’ old dog, a little tiny bichon ☓ shih-tzu. He would start to bark and run at another dog until he got close, and when he realised he was much smaller, he’d go off in another direction pretending he wasn’t just harassing that other dog. I bet that goof DeNiro would turn tail just the same if Trump ever crossed his path in public!

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