The Legend Of Corn Pop

If you aren’t familiar with Corn Pop, Joe tells the story here. We imaged how Joe might make it into a movie.

corn pop

Below, Joe gives a brief synopsis of The Corn Pop Incident during a recent photo-op at the pool. He digressed slightly from his prepared text and possibly erred by admitting he has always swam naked in front of women and offered no apology or words of remorse for his actions to women-women, men-women and the non-binary thems likely wounded and offended by the lurid, raw and brutal mental imagery thrust into their shy, quivering, yet willing psyches by his admission he could flash them at any time, given the current location and the logical assumption that he did not bring a swim suit.

joe lifeguard recall

However, the latest research turns up this amazing breaking news, as it does show the lifeguard academy Class of 1962 posing poolside and all the members are indeed totally naked (we have blacked out all the wiener bits, sorry) as Biden claimed.  What we didn’t expect to find was Corn Pop was a member of the same lifeguard Class as Joe!  See for yourself! We’ve highlighted “Grape Nuts” (young Joe) and friend in the pic below:

joe lifeguard 1962
Some Classmates remain unidentified. If you recognize yourself or someone else in the photo, please send us an update and we’ll add them/you to our mailing list!


  1. There was a radio snippet of Jo Jo Biden talking about T-Dog or T-Bone riding on the metro to work with their mint condition lunchboxes (made in China) that made me laugh out loud.
    Comrade Spartacus aka esteemed party member Booker may have let Jo Jo borrow his imaginary friend.

  2. The only part of Biden’s story that rings true is he was a senior in high school a hundred years ago.

  3. Hmmm …. A careful look reveals that two of the Photshopped junk-concealing rectangles in the lifeguard picture are a good bit longer than the rest.

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