ZOMG Breaking News – New Obama Estate On Martha’s Vineyard Is Brutally And Overtly WHITEY SUPREMACIST!

Starkly racist walls, ceilings, cabinets and furniture with only minor, token accessories of color. The most highly trafficked floors are, of course, colored brown.

See our photo collage for brief sample and then even more pics of the overwhelmingly nauseating oppressive whiteness are linked below. Be forewarned, these photos are not for the tender and/or easily triggered ones – just hold someone’s hand and remember to breathe!

Take a look INSIDE!

(Note to potential buyers: The pickled ham hocks will remain with the current occupants. All other objects convey.)

white house
The Unbearable Whiteness Of Being




  1. I am rephrasing an event that took place a few years ago before we have success restored to our nation.

    While castigating a petulant Obama who is lording his cash and success over the rest of us I say:

    You didn’t (Earn, Build, or Deserve) THAT!!!! (you can pick one or all of these)

    Therefore shaming him into pay lots more in taxes……..

    Yeah, Right…..

  2. Only 1 pool ?
    And what’s with the brown chairs ? If they are willing to replace them with supreme white ones, we may have a deal.

      1. “It’s my own blend, Kentucky Bluegrass and Sinsemilla. The beauty of it is that you can play 18 holes of golf on it that afternoon and get stoned to the bejeesus on it that night.”

  3. As well as Whitey Supremacist, this screams CULTURAL APPROPRIATION.
    If this house were to truly reflect O’Bozo’s and Moochelle’s much vaunted “African blackness”, it would be much smaller, have no chairs to sit on, and have half the village living in it, along with the collection of goats, sheep, camels, and cows.

    1. And a dirt floor! Antelope hides! And hookworms and gonorrhea and dead flies in they food an shit! You are so right. I’m still learning this intersectional stuff – thanks for calling it out!!

    1. The Rental Kids are not so much “proud” as “happy”. Happy they won’t have to hit a lick at a snake the rest of their lives.

  4. “Turkeyland Cove”, eh? Earl could not have coined a more fitting name for Chateau Barquie’s address. But the colors matter not: According to the American Left, sea level rise resulting from human-caused climate change will permanently flood The Barkster’s spiffy new digs within about a decade.

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