I’m Certain This Will Be Taken As An Insult By Cultures That Tolerate Living Amid Filth And Disease

Like San Francisco, for example. Too bad. Everyone talks about what the Government (taxpayers) needs to do to FIX the filthy inner city slums. But when the residents aren’t motivated to even pick up their own damned trash, I think the problem has nothing to do with funding ‘programs’ and ‘studies’. When you see a run-down, dirty neighborhood full of trash and vermin you can assume the people living there don’t really mind all that much. Not so much that they do anything to prevent it themselves. They wait until conditions deteriorate to the point Government steps in and makes it all like new again.

Rinse and repeat, forever.



  1. Earl, the “progressives” will tell you that the hateful GOP has taken all the municipal sanitation funds away from our cities, and diverted them to building Trump’s border wall.

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