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Premature Evacuation?

Sounds like Dorian will miss Florida. Still better safe than sorry.

pineapple out

The Contest Was Rigged – Those Are All Her Cousins

What a ripoff. I entered one idea – should have known better. They deleted it, naturally. Worms.

gnd stupids

My submission. I thought it hit some of the key take-a ways of the campaign. Notice my concept for light rail. All the others I’ve seen have Monorails…snore, snore. Mine adds real thrills and spills to your commute. Also it’s a 100% all electric operation = no emissions of any carbons, period.**


**The coal-fired power plant that generates the electricity required to run the town is buried deep within the mountain in the background. The exhaust is sent via pipeline to remote exit vents in Mexico where nobody notices. We stay Clean and Green here at home!

The Epiphany That Wakes Cortezzz At 3AM

Everyone else just calls them bad dreams.



Fundraisers Are The Exception To Warren’s “No-Handsy” Policy

handsy liz

A Bonus for our Readers! We cordially invite you all to click on this unaltered photo of Elizabeth Warren to see a closeup of her granny beard. (Go ahead, we tested it and nobody went blind or died. It’s safe.)

big hairy liz


Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Invest In Martha’s Vineyard Real Estate Again

There goes the neighborhood…

beach warning

Who Talked This Jackoff Into Being An Even Bigger Jackoff?

walshla mancha

Quick Look-In: Command And Control Ops On The Bridge Of The USS Joe Biden (VP45-Ret). Order Of The Day: “Focus Through Distractions”

Control Center

Pelosi To Dems: “You Have To Be Ready To Throw A Punch…”

Misheard Lyrics


ZOMG Breaking News – New Obama Estate On Martha’s Vineyard Is Brutally And Overtly WHITEY SUPREMACIST!

Starkly racist walls, ceilings, cabinets and furniture with only minor, token accessories of color. The most highly trafficked floors are, of course, colored brown.

See our photo collage for brief sample and then even more pics of the overwhelmingly nauseating oppressive whiteness are linked below. Be forewarned, these photos are not for the tender and/or easily triggered ones – just hold someone’s hand and remember to breathe!

Take a look INSIDE!

(Note to potential buyers: The pickled ham hocks will remain with the current occupants. All other objects convey.)



Obamas Drive A Hard Bargain In Real Estate

They’re supposedly buying this place.

This stunning home sits on over 29 +/- acres directly on the Edgartown Great Pond. The sprawling lawn and incredible water views make for the perfect family compound setting for generations to come. The nearly 7,000 sf residence is finished with the finest details and is designed with 7 bedrooms, 8 baths, multiple entertaining spaces including a vaulted ceiling living room with stone fireplace, a Chef’s kitchen, and formal dining room surrounded by a wall of windows. There are 2 wings and an impressive master suite with fireplace and private sundeck. Your summer days can be spent poolside in a garden-like setting or exploring Great Pond and outer barrier beach. A property of this stature needs to be seen to be experienced.

marthas vineyard

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