1. Popsicles in her holster. Love it, Earl. Next we’ll have Wicked Witch Nancy and her flying DNC monkeys.

  2. Piglosi can knock Ocatshit the fuck out. Just unholster one of her elastic tits and throw it like a fastball.

    I would pay to see that.

  3. If AOC keeps poking the recalcitrant bear that is Pelosi she is gonna get a real butt whoopin.

    The Speaker has weathered a lot of grief in the past and the new young bloods do not faze her and of this I am sure. It may take until the next election but AOC will learn to fear those who hold deep seated long term power and influence.

    I am no fan of Pelosi or AOC. What I do know is that youth has a habit of carrying things to a place where instead of winning, they lose. A lack of wisdom shall we say.

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