1. What a contrast Salute to America was to the Obamas’ shameful and treasonous apology tours.

  2. Just watched our President introduce the branches of our armed forces from a dais in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Crowds lined the Reflecting Pool all the way back to the Washington Monument, and they cheered Trump’s every sentence. Sorry, libs. You missed the party. Maybe you can slip down to Havana and salute Raul instead … you jackwagons.

  3. Reminds me of the antithesis… Mickey Ducaca and his imitation of “Beetle-kill Bailey” riding a tank… as “out of place” as Alien Degenerate on a firing range or Rosie Orca’Donnell doing a “lap dance” at a gentlemen’s club. I appreciate Trump makes no apologies for being a MAN!

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