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Boy, When Angels Are Called To Dissipate Dark Psychic Forces They Get Right To It.


I Knew I’d Seen Marianne Williamson Before

Check it out. Was she a Manson Girl? Born in 1952 – the murders were in 1969. She was 17. And you know, if you read Helter Skelter like I did, that she’d fit the age group – and that the girls were all afflicted with parasites and various venereal diseases. (Just adding context here, towards a fuller understanding of the truth.)

Shocking, if true.

manson family

Yes, It’s A Parody – But It’s Still Entirely Possible Because She Has NEVER BEEN EXONERATED

Soon To Come A Time In ComeyWoods

comey woods

Whoa, Big News!

62 year old Kelly McGillis will not return in the new Top Gun movie with Tom Cruise, as reported here previously. We sincerely regret the error and request all versions of that bogus promotional poster be deleted immediately and stopped from getting looked at. Thank You.

We have learned, however, that Ms McGillis has been signed to play the role of Nellie Ohr in the coming filming of “Mueller Report: The Movie” and she looks perfect for that role.

kelly n bob

We Foresee A Promising Commercial Opportunity Arising From Austin’s New Public Camping Ordnance

If you live near any major interstate highway overpass in Austin Texas, we strongly suggest you stock up on plastic buckets, TP, tarps, bungie straps, ropes, tobacco, tents, sleeping bags, grocery carts, wagons, blankets and clothing of all kinds – yes, even up to size 8XL!

The market demand for all of these items and more will soon be in huge demand by the Tent Dwelling Citizens in your neighborhood. Prepare now and be ready to cash in on the coming Street Trade Bonanza!

parade of tents

Swang Yer Thang Fer Yang

yang wankers

The PeachMint Express Blowed Up Good

peachmint express

Mr Foreign Relations – When Joe Went To Mongolia

He tells the whole story:

1mongolia joewrestle joemongolia joeyak2joe knee

joe to china

Joe arrives in China accompanied by his nurse/granddaughter and his son Hunter, a fugitive coke head and philanderer who came to pick up a boatload of money and Joe had literally nothing whatsoever to do with it.

In Fairness, Mueller’s Purview Was Probably Limited


Amazing Coincidence – This Is The Exact Outcome I’d Wished For!

I may have that Sixth Sense I’ve read about. Which, if true, would replace probably two of the others I’ve lost somewhere around here. Rolled under the fridge, maybe.

shit sandwiches

Once Trump Is Defeated, This Guy(?) Insists The Country Must Destroy All Trump Supporters For The Crime Of Being Deplorable To People(?) Like Him(?)

Good luck on your Quest, Mr Maddow.


Amazon/WAPO Attacks Trump-Branded Straws While They Ship TONS Of Plastic-Straws And Everything Else

Blindly partisan dickwads, they are. You don’t have to go read/ridicule it, but yes this is offered as real analysis. Real Truth to Power, from the Amazon family of cheap, throwaway plastic crap: